Small device for large-scale structural health monitoring

About Resensys

Resensys was founded in 2008 with the mission of protecting infrastructure systems against aging and malfunction.

For this purpose, Resensys developed a global network to supply its high precision, durable and reliable structural monitoring solutions to customer applications including bridges, tunnels, buildings, dams and cranes.



Resensys SenSpot™

Based on its award winning ultra-low power wireless sensor network technology, known as SenSpot™, Resensys provides a powerful platform for remote monitoring of strain (stress), vibration (acceleration), displacement, crack activity, tilt, inclination, temperature, and humidity.

Having monitored all these important structural quantities in real time, SenSpot sensors provide reliable tools to measure overstrain, metal fatigue, formation of cracks, movement and stability of foundation, as well as monitoring vibration and performing modal analysis.

Currently, Resensys’s SenSpots are the world’s most energy-efficient wireless monitoring sensors and a SenSpot sensor provides a minimum of 10 years of monitoring using a small CR123A battery.



Resensys Wireless Bridge Monitoring for Fracture Critical Bridges at 2016 Northeast Bridge Preservation Partnership (NEBPP – 2016)

A fracture critical bridge is defined by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as a bridge with one (or more) steel member in tension whose failure would lead to partial or complete collapse of the bridge. According to the National Bridge Inventory Database of FHWA, the transportation infrastructure in the United States has more than 18,000 fracture critical bridges. Resensys offers wireless remote monitoring using SenSpot sensors which for concurrently monitoring strain, temperature, and inclination on structural members of fracture critical bridges.

Resensys wireless bridge monitoring technology featured in National Science Foundation (NSF) Science 360 News!

National Science Foundation (NSF) released a video in April 2015 featuring Resensys wireless technology for long term monitoring of highway bridges.

The video reviews a history of Resensys and how the technology evolved from pure research funded by NSF into a technology responding to one of the biggest societal challenges of the 21st century, which is aging infrastructure systems.