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Montreal is a metropolis and the city par excellence for investing in real estate in Canada. A video on YouTube outlines real-estate investment opportunities in Montreal, looking for: Real Estate Investment in Montreal - Daniel Dargis engineer. Even if the city offers many investment opportunities, it is nevertheless wise to seek the advice of an impartial expert who is familiar with Montreal, its surroundings and of course with all aspects relating to real estate: the structure of the building, the fashions and customs of the market, the demand; and with many contacts of trusted contractors at his disposal. Daniel Dargis, expert engineer is an impartial consultant and business guide for real-estate investors. He organizes tailor-made city tours for his investor clients to visit real-estate projects, business people and companies. This greatly helps real-estate investors to discover Montreal in an objective way. It answers their questions relating to investments in buildings and land, on issues such as: prices, building permits and techniques, construction laws, demand, financing methods, marketing and sales of projects and much more.

Whether you are a local investor seeking advice for the purchase of a first property or a foreign investor with much capital who wants to verify a business opportunity, Daniel Dargis Eng. and his team informs you in many ways. He is your impartial guide to invest in Montreal in real estate. Daniel Dargis worked as a building-structure inspection engineer in all boroughs of the city of Montreal. He is very knowledgeable in the technical aspects of buildings in Montreal, such as: the land needed, construction methods that have changed since the 1900s, correction methods and costs. As an expert building engineer in Montreal and surrounding areas, his services are highly appreciated by many building owners and prospectors. You will be able to find that for yourself on Facebook at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. with comments.

Compared to other major cities in Canada, such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto, the price of land and buildings in Montreal is much more affordable. Montreal has nothing to envy to other cities. Its highly multicultural population, its renowned universities like McGill et al., its economic and technologically advanced diversity, low-cost natural hydro-electric energy and the hospitality of its people make it a good place to live and to invest in Montreal in real estate. These are also human aspects that Daniel Dargis Eng., guide and investment advisor, helps his clients who do not know Montreal yet to discover. Let's mention that Montreal and its surroundings also comprise: Laval, Brossard, St. Hubert, Longueuil, Beloeil, St. Eustache, St. Constant, St. Jérôme, Joliette and many other municipalities.

Daniel Dargis Eng. has extensive expertise as a construction consultant. He knows how to explain in simple and clear ways how to invest in Montreal in real estate and refer his clients to the right specialists when needed. Be they: construction lawyers, notaries, building-materials testing laboratories, local contractors' associations or others. Here are some websites and links that provide a brief overview of his real-estate consulting services:

For Daniel Dargis, an engineer, the construction, the development of projects and real-estate investments in Montreal have no secrets. It's a passion for him! He also completed a training programme as a real-estate agent more than 30 years ago and recently a training at the famous Real Estate Investor Club of Quebec which makes Daniel Dargis eng. an impartial guide and expert in real-estate investment in Montreal.


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Montreal is made up of 19 boroughs. Each borough has its own permit office and each one has its own urbanization regulations. Investment opportunities in real estate are very varied in Montreal. In the downtown borough of Ville-Marie for instance, huge skyscrapers are under construction every year. Many foreign investors from China and Arab countries buy entire floors of buildings under construction for speculation. During construction the prices are much lower and at the end of construction the prices go up and start generating profits. On the outskirts of the boroughs like in Griffintown for instance several condo buildings quickly find buyers among professionals and career people. Building land is already becoming scarce but there are still plenty of opportunities though to invest in Montreal in real estate. In other boroughs such as Montreal North, Hochelaga and Montreal East, land and buildings are priced much lower. These sectors represent the best growth potential in real-estate values for the next 20 years. Many workers and young university-educated graduates with their first job are getting their first condos in the eastern sectors of Montreal.

There is much more to discover by making a city tour of Montreal. During the visit of the city Daniel Dargis Eng., who is a native of Montreal, takes the time to explain local history and culture to better understand economic prospects and potential. You must know that more than 60% of the population in Montreal now comes from other countries. This multicultural diversity finds its unity and harmony in the values and sense of hospitality of Quebecers and Canadians.

An excursion or business trip to Montreal to find investment opportunities is of course not limited to the Island of Montreal only. When making an exploration trip in real estate in Montreal it is essential to visit also its neighbouring cities starting north with: Laval, St. Eustache, Mirabel, St. Jérôme, - and on the South Shore: Longueuil, Brossard, St. Hubert, Beloeil, Châteauguay, St. Constant and many other places. The exploration tour circuit to find investment opportunities in real estate is planned according to the needs of investor clients.


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In Quebec there are two major aspects to take into account before investing in real estate when it comes to carrying out works afterwards, whether it is a minor work of partial demolition, expansion or even completely new renovation work. These two major aspects are: the labour law in the field of construction (for workers in the construction sector) and the laws relating to the use of RBQ licenses of specialized or general contractors . The organization to contact in connection with the labour law is the La Commission de la Construction du Québec - CCQ and for RBQ entrepreneurs' licenses, the organization to contact is the La Régie du Bâtiment du Québec - RBQ

In Quebec, these two organizations are under the control of the provincial government of Quebec and not of the Government of Canada. Another thing to consider is about obtaining building permits. The granting of renovation or construction permits is done by the municipality's permit office through urbanization rules of the municipality in question. In the case of Montreal, the city is divided into 19 boroughs and each borough has its own office of building permits. It is the municipality (or borough in the case of Montreal) that is at the top of the decision-making pyramid. It authorizes the TYPE of building that can be built or renovated; HOW, WHERE and by WHOM (subject to respecting the construction labour law with the CCQ). So, before investing in Montreal in real estate with the intention of doing subsequent works, the first thing to do is to contact in this order:
  • The Borough's license office. To know the TYPE of construction or renovation authorized, HOW (under which Building Code), WHERE, by WHOM (workers and/or contractors) and with the help of WHICH professionals (architect, engineer ...);
  • The CCQ - Commission de la Construction du Québec. To know WHO WHO has the right to work, on WHAT and WHERE;
  • The RBQ - Régie du Bâtiment du Québec. To know WHO has the right to build or renovate, HOW, WHAT and WHERE.

Let's talk a little bit about the workforce and skill cards of the workers to do the work. Before investing in real estate in Montreal or anywhere else in Quebec, it is very important to consider the laws and standards in construction in Quebec. Especially in relation to the labour laws that are typical of the construction sector in the Province of Quebec. Many foreign and even local real-estate investors in Quebec are not aware that since November 2017, various changes in the law now require property owners to use RBQ contractors for all structural work. So, it is no longer possible to think about saving money by doing major work yourself. We are talking here about new construction, enlargement and even the removal of a simple load-bearing wall. The CCQ organization La Commission de la Construction du Québec has several inspectors who control small or large work sites. These inspectors, who are real specialist police officers in construction work, are responsible for enforcing the collective agreements of construction workers and respecting wages. So, before investing to buy a building and estimate labour costs, make sure you have a sufficient budget to spend on labour based on the type of renovation work you intend to carry out and on the laws to be respected. Otherwise, you risk not making your investment profitable. These matters are not necessarily mentioned when you do business with a real-estate agent who is trying to sell you the property at all costs to get a commission. It is for this reason that it is better to seek advice from an impartial expert in construction and building matters.

Let's now talk a bit about building licenses as an RBQ contractor. In Quebec, before undertaking any type of construction or renovation work, it is ALWAYS preferable to contact the Régie du bâtiment du Québec RBQ to find out the type of license required. There are various types of construction and category licenses, such as: general contractor, specialized contractor or self-builder licenses. Informing yourself well will avoid you a lot of complications, fines and contribute to the profitability of your project.

You now realize how important it is to be informed in an impartial way before investing in real estate in Montreal. Like anywhere else by the way. Daniel Dargis engineer, impartial advisor, general contractor RBQ since 1989 and a native of Montreal informs you on all points before investing in real estate in Montreal.


steps as an impartial guide before investing in montreal in real estate - daniel dargis engineer advisor

Looking for and offering real-estate investment opportunities is one thing, and detecting the right business opportunity is another. Daniel Dargis Eng. is not a real-estate agent looking for and offering you investment opportunities in order to get a commission. Although he has a real-estate agent training, he is primarily an engineer and acts with impartiality and neutrality. His objective is not to make as many sales as possible but to inform you as an impartial expert in building construction on how to invest in Montreal in real estate. This is of utmost importance for real-estate investors. He has developed a procedure with specific steps to impartially and profitably assist investors in their search for land, condos, houses, commercial or industrial buildings in Montreal, which are the following:

  1. Meet with the client investor to inform him about Montreal, to listen to his goals, inform him generally about Montreal and the laws of construction and give him contacts and leads to guide his research;
  2. Visit the properties and buildings that the investor himself has found;
  3. Analyze the information on each property. If necessary, produce a report with an investment strategy;
  4. Facilitate the realization of the project with the development of the project including: sketches, plans, study of the costs, feasibility, marketing study;
  5. Direction and project management.

The real-estate investor thus retains total freedom based on the expertise of impartial experience and trust. Daniel Dargis, engineer, can participate only by informing his client or by helping him to realize his turnkey project. All the tools are there at the disposal of the investor and at his own pace to invest in Montreal in real estate.


office in montreal to establish contacts and invest in montreal in real estate

There is a business office service in Montreal which is particularly well adapted to make contacts and invest in Montreal in real estate. Daniel Dargis, an engineer, makes available to foreign investors who do not know Montreal and who do not have a place of business here, a specially adapted office to meet people, negotiate contracts in a well-informed way, in a professional way, in all confidentiality and in peace. This office allows investors to make their own contacts and to have a meeting place for on-site construction consultants, such as engineers or architectural specialists who can participate in meetings and assess the feasibility of projects. Local self-builder investors in Montreal, and other regions of Quebec and Canada, or foreign investors can benefit from this business office's advantages in Montreal. This in order to meet suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, real-estate agents or sellers of land and buildings. This is a formula that allows any type of investor to have access to a place of business and resources to facilitate decision-making and the realization of real-estate investment projects.

Investing in Montreal is now easier and more accessible with the help of Daniel Dargis, an impartial engineer and RBQ general contractor since 1989. He has not only all the knowledge and experience to act as an impartial advisor but also all RBQ building licenses in Quebec for the client who wishes to carry out works. Daniel Dargis Eng. can assist both the self-builder and the investor from outside Montreal as a project manager and advisor throughout the renovation or construction of land, condos, houses, apartment buildings, commercial or industrial buildings.

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